Anti-cellulite body treatment

Three complementary products work in synergy on the different stages of cellulite, successfully reducing its unsightly effects. The Draining and toning gel is perfect after a peeling treatment, restoring elasticity to the tissues. The Anti-cellulite cream, now in a brand new formula, tones the tissues and improves micro-circulation. The Anti-cellulite mud stimulates and rebalances micro- circulation, reduces adipose tissue and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Results: Skin is visibly more toned, even and firm. Unsightly "orange peel" skin is visibly improved where the treatment is applied.

Draining and toning gel

NEA SPA - gel drenante

Rich in active ingredients, the ruscus aculeatus, ivy, capsicum, caffeine and escine extracts bring suppleness and tone to the skin.the active ingredients combine to produce a draining and toning action on treated areas.


Anti-cellulite cream

NEA SPA - crema anticellulite

A brand new formula that reduces skin blemishes caused by cellulite and orange peel skin. Contains active ingredients that are easily absorbed by the layers of the skin, tone the tissues and improve circulation. 


Anti-cellulite mud


The formula is enriched with active ingredients to help fight fat deposits and water retention. contains L-carnitine, a delicate chemical exfoliant, caffeine that stimulates and tones and escine that protects the skin’s capillaries. Stimulates and normalises microcirculation and has an anti-inflammatory effect.