Essentials body treatment

Specially designed body treatments which help the skin absorb all the benefits of successive treatments.  There are two phases for total regeneration:

  • exfoliation, ensuring that the skin is deep-cleansed;
  • massage, using one of the essential oil-based creams. this rehydrates the skin and gives the treatment added value thanks to the targeted effects of the fragrances.

Results: the skin's functions are rebalanced and restored.

Acidifying lotion

NEA SPA - lozione acidificante

Refreshing hygienic skin preparation for the body to prepare the skin for specific treatments. Its exclusive formula contains acidifying lactic acid, aloe vera with its anti-inflammatory and moisturising action and extract of ruscus aculeatus to protect the skin’s microcirculation.


Exfoliant peeling

NEA SPA - peeling efoliante

The sea salt renews the skin’s vitality. Dead cells are removed through its at work combined with the keratolytic chemical exfoliant L-carnitine.the skin becomes softer and smoother, and ready for subsequent treatments.


Massage cream

NEA SPA - crema massaggio

A rich massage cream, with sweet almond oil and invaluable D-Panthenol to nourish the skin with its excellent soothing, softening, moisturising and healing properties. the skin becomes softer and suppler.


Aromatherapy oils

NEA SPA - oli essenziali

Precious and exclusive combinations of natural vegetable oils containing unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which are essential to restore the skin’s normal functioning and bring intense wellbeing.