Anti-age facial treatment

The state of the art of Farmen's research.the advanced formulas combine the best-known active anti-aging ingredients with the outstanding success of cutting-edge biotechnology research. The result? High performing products which combat the first signs of aging skin and visibly reduce deeper wrinkles.

Results: Skin is more compact, smoother, younger-looking. Effective, long-lasting protection from free radicals.visibly lessens the signs of aging.

Anti-wrinkle serum concentrate

NEA SPA - siero concentrato antirughe

The hyaluronic acid and the D-panthenol provide a moisturising action. The vegetable stem cells help the product penetrate deeper and can drastically reduce wrinkles.


Anti-wrinkle 24h cream

NEA SPA - crema24h antirughe

A delicate cream that continuously restores long- lasting vitality. The vitamin C in combination with the soya isoflavones can drastically reduce wrinkles and stimulate collagen production.


Anti-wrinkle gel mask

NEA SPA - maschera gel antirughe

Rich and soft mask that restores perfect hydration, tone and luminosity to the face in a few minutes. The hyaluronic acid rich formula moisturises and tones the tissues, whilst the addition of trehalose, penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin to create a protective barrier, significantly combating moisture loss and the degenerative effects of ageing.


Regenerating serum – anti-wrinkle – firming - re-plumping

NEA SPA - Luxe Serum

The serum has an immediate smoothing effect on small lines on the face and round the eyes thanks to a natural polymer extracted from a microalga, which, in combination with apple stem cells and the specific functional peptide, gives a visibly smoother skin, day after day.
Sericin and ceramide 2 complete the anti-wrinkle, restorative action, with a hydrating and protective effect.


Anti-wrinkle eye serum

NEA SPA - siero-antirughe

The vitamin C results in an extraordinary and deep- penetrating reduction of wrinkles and stimulates collagen production. The hyaluronic acid completes the moisturising action with a visible tightening effect.