Lightening face cream

NEA SPA - crema schiarente

Active ingredients:

  • KOJIC ACID AND ARBUTIN, prevent the production of melanin by acting on tyrosinase.
  • HYDROXYLAPATITE, with photo-protective and anti-aging effects.


The lightening formulation, combats the formation of skin marking, and reduces existing imperfections. exercises an anti-pigmenting action that can help reduce marks caused by pharmaceuticals, ageing or radiation treatment.The kojic acid in combination with the arbutin interferes with the synthesis of melanin, reducing deposits in the melanocytes; the hydroxylapatite creates a “soft focus” effect to make marks less visible. Protects the skin from sunshine radiation, and stimulates skin metabolism.

How to use:

Apply once or twice a day for at least two months on the affected area and massage in.


Reduces and lightens skin marks.

Why recommend it:

Helps prevent other marks appearing.