Moisturizing facial treatment

The treatment revives dry and dehydrated skin, leaving it soft and toned. it restores natural moisture to the skin.

Results Fresh, smooth, revitalised skin.

Hydrating serum

NEA SPA - siero idratante

Serum based on an innovative formula that deeply hydrates the epidermis. The hyaluronic acid combats adverse environmental conditions such as the wind, sun and dry air, maintains natural moisture and leaves the skin velvety to the touch.


Hydrating cream

NEA SPA - Crema idratante

Hydrating cream that helps to maintain and restore the skin’s balance, keeping it toned, moisturised and revitalised.The aquaporins and the hyaluronic acid help the skin maintain a healthy shine and softness.


Hydrating mask

NEA SPA - maschera idratante

Thanks to the formula based on highly moisturising ingredients, the Hydrating Mask restores freshness and softness to the face and regenerates dry and dehydrated skin. Creamy and gentle it gives an immediate feeling of freshness and healthiness.