Oily and impure skin facial treatment

A series of ad hoc products specially designed to treat oily and impure skin, helping restore its correct balance. the products have multiple effects: delicate, deep-down cleansing, anti-bacterial action, removing unsightly “shine” and regulating oil production.

Results: Skin is fresh, luminous but not shiny, visibly healthier.

Oily and impure skin gel cleanser

NEA SPA - gel detergente

Oily skin and acne prone skin requires efficient and non- aggressive daily treatment. Delicately cleanses without drying the skin thanks to the gentle extract of thyme and the burdock that exercises an antiseptic and sebum regulating action. With regular use the skin’s natural balance is restored and is prepared for further treatments.


Oily and impure skin soothing antibacterial serum

NEA SPA - siero pelli grasse impure

The chlorhexidine gluconate provides comprehensive antibacterial action. The zinc PCA and the extracts of thyme and burdock provide a sebum regulating and astringent action.


Anti-shine oily skin cream

NEA SPA - crema opacizzante

Moisturises the epidermis, to counteract shine. enriched with thyme extracts and burdock to purify, normalise and guarantee an immediate anti-shine effect, the aloe vera and the anti-inflammatory action of the bisabolol makes the skin appear even and luminous again.


Decongesting mask for oily skins

NEA SPA - maschera decongestionante

The formula contains extract of burdock and thyme that helps to regulate sebum production, zinc oxide and bisabolol with an anti-inflammatory effect, for an exceptional astringent action.