Facial treatment for couperose skin

A complete treatment for hypersensitive and couperose skin, guaranteed to be as delicate as possible at every stage: from cleansing and moisturising to soothing and targeted action on localised redness.

Results reduces unsightly redness and inflammation. immediately soothing and comforting.

Sensitive skin cleanser

NEA SPA - latte detergente pelli sensibili

Gentle cleanser that removes traces of make-up and impurities that are deposited on the skin during the day, leaving it completely clean and guaranteeing continuous hydration.


Sensitive skin toner

NEA SPA - tonico pelli sensibili

Apply after using the sensitive skin cleanser. moisturises and helps to smooth out the skin’s features.the special formula with witch hazel, centella and rosemary enhances the action of the vasoprotective horse-chestnut extract, rich in esculoside. makes cosmetics easier to apply.


Sensitive skin face cream

NEA SPA - crema viso pelli sensibili

A delicate cream that continuously restores lasting vitality. The extract of horse chestnut, rich in esculoside, tones and protects capillaries that are no longer flexible.


Sensitive skin serum

NEA SPA - siero pelli sensibili

Visibly combats both localised and more diffuse reddening. The vitamin C helps with the formation of collagen and acts on the microcirculation to tone the capillaries.


Sensitive skin mask

NEA SPA - maschera pelli sensibili

Rich and soft mask that soothes and de-reddens. The formula is enriched with allantoin that can significantly reduce skin inflammation.the horse chestnut extract,rich in esculoside, is vasoprotective.